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How It Works


We offer a free initial consultation so we can find out what architectural service best suits your needs. This way we can deliver the best possible service to you and fulfill your expectations. We will explain the design process so you know from the outset how your job will be run.


This is the first stage of the home design process. We will obtain relevant documentation and records, such as Certificate of Title, consent notices and covenants, so we can identify the need for any Resource Consents or design modifications to ensure the plans comply with District Plans.

Concept drawings

This stage includes drawing the initial home plans for your approval. We will design the floor plan first and make any necessary adjustments to your satisfaction. Once the floor plan has been confirmed, we go on to draw the site plan and elevations for your approval. These plans are then incorporated into the next stage of the project.

Working drawings

These are the plans that are submitted to Council for a building consent. The concept plans form part of these drawings as well as bracing, drainage, roof, cross sections and details pages. Other documentation included is specifications, producer statements, bracing calculations and any other relevant documentation.

Checking process

We have instituted a rigorous internal checking system which also ensures the plans are of the highest quality and accuracy before they are lodged with Council, we find this saves time and money with Council processing the consent.